Our Main Kennel has air-conditioned indoor/outdoor runs. Dogs are fed dry food twice a day. If your dog has special dietary needs, please feel free to bring a supply of the food you feed at home.

Our Small Dog Suites are in a separate building because it's not fair to a rotweiller to be stared down by the maltese across the isle. Just joking, but we want all our guests to be comfortable, and if big dogs make them nervous, we have an option.

All dogs have outdoor play time, either by themselves or with other dogs of similar dispositions. The Small Dog Suites are also air-conditioned but do not have outdoor runs. They have an indoor attached ``potty`` area and an outdoor play area just for the little guys.



Main Kennel
Under 50 lbs $20/day
Over 50 lbs $25/day
Additional dog(s) sharing kennel: $5/day discount

Main Kennel Family Suite(Extra-large suite for dogs from the same family)

Small Dog Suites
Under 15 lbs $20/day
16 – 30 lbs $25/day
Additional dog(s) sharing kennel: $5/day discount.

*available in certain areas only


Those of us who work at DogStars love cats. All of us live with multiple feline friends, and we understand that their needs are different from those of dogs.

At DogStars, cats have their very own building to make their stay at DogStars a calm and enjoyable experience. Most of our cat suites have their own windows and a view to the outside world.

We encourage cat families to stay together, and we have special facilities to meet their needs. We even have a self-professed ``cat whisperer`` (Rob) on staff.

We know how to pamper our feline friends. We can also meet their grooming needs while they are boarding with us or by making an appointment with our groomer extraordinaire ... Anna.



Cat Villas

Cat Townhomes
2+ cats together
$10/day each


We can also accommodate exotics (such as iguanas, birds, turtles, snakes, bunnies, ferrets, or sugar gliders like the little guy on the left). Just to be clear ... No, we don't board tigers. That's not a joke ... every now and then, we get some very unusual requests. If you need to board an exotic pet, just call usl for pricing: 941-747-4466.

Tell us what you've got and we'll give you a quote.

Our Location

Dog Stars is conveniently located in Bradenton, Florida, an easy drive from Lakewood Ranch or downtown Sarasota. If you’re coming from I75, we’re Exit 217 West (State Road 70). At the intersection of SR 70 an Lockwood Ridge (south) and 45th Ave. (north), turn onto 45th Ave. Go the first stop sign (you’ll be in a residential area), turn right on 34th Ave. Go to the end and DogStars is the brightly colored building on the right. Dock diving is down the long driveway that leads to the rear of the kennel.