low res sheltie weave poles agility

The sport of dog agility dates back to 1978 in England when entertainment was needed for the audience attending the prestigious Crufts Dog Show in England. A performance, consisting of a dog and handler team, executed a series of obstacles similar to that of a steeplechase for horses. The team was judged on time and accuracy. The show was so popular with the audience, that a return performance was requested. Many easily identifiable objects used in the sport today were already being utilized , including the A frame, weave poles and the tire jump.

Agility made its debut in the United States in the early 1980s. Organizations and clubs soon emerged across the country with the states of California, Texas, and Florida leading the way. Agility has become an extremely popular and competitive dog sport with competitions being held across the nation. The most popular organizations include AKC, USDAA , NADAC and TDAA. All of these organization have national events and two sponsor teams to compete in Europe each year.

The sport of dog agility continues to grow and change. Each year new rules are introduced in each organization, requiring that competitors keep up with the latest information on rules and regulations. Seminars and workshops are available in many areas of the country. Agility is addictive! Run fast, jump high!