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Whether you are a pet parent or a show parent, we treat your pet the same. At DogStars, we get it:  pets are family. Our experienced staff can help you with training issues, dog sports, grooming for all breeds (including cats), while providing you with peace of mind that your pet will be in safe hands  Explore some of the services we offer. Come for a visit. Watch a class. Get to know us. Call us at 941 747 4466. Just ask for Anna.


Our kennel has been part of the local community, in continuous operation since the early 1950s. It was first mentioned in one of the famous Travis McGee detective novels by John D. MacDonald. Dog Stars is a bit of old Florida; two-and-a-half acres of mature trees and building that evoke the way it used to be. No, we aren't modern and fancy. We're a camp, lodge, retreat, and playground for dogs! (Cats, birds, and most exotics are also welcome guests.)



Wouldn't you love to have a well-behaved dog? Yes, we thought so. Our obedience classes train you and your dog. Whether you want to compete in obedience trials or just have a dog who will calmly sit by your side at an outdoor restaurant or walk with you instead of dragging you down the sidewalk. We can help.



If you've got a high-energy dog who LOVES frisbees and running, we've got the sport for you!



Those of us who work at DogStars love cats. All of us live with multiple feline friends, and we understand that their needs are different from those of dogs.

At DogStars, cats have their very own building to make their stay at DogStars a calm and enjoyable experience. Most of our cat suites have their own windows and a view to the outside world.

We encourage cat families to stay together, and we have special facilities to meet their needs. We even have a self-professed ``cat whisperer`` (Rob) on staff.



We have a full agility field for beginners to competition-level dogs and trainers. Check out our class schedule and description of courses to see what's right for you and your canine partner/



Not all dogs can be canine superstars in high-energy performance sports, but all dogs have a nose and most enjoy the challenge of using it. Nose works for dogs is coming soon. Watch our website for more information.


Many people call themselves dog groomers. Anna Calabrese, DogStar's Manager, and head groomer is literally an award-winning dog groomer. She's the one who prepares show dogs to look their best. She is trained in all breeds, and if you want to get creative, she'll add a touch of color that will definitely make your dog stand out from the crowd! Call her for an appointment or a quote: 941 747 4466.



If you've never seen dogs fly, you really need to watch dogs of all breeds enjoying the latest dog-sport craze. We have a competition pool onsite and collaborate with Florida West Coast Air Dogs to teach dogs how to swim and then fly.


The weather is heating up, you know what that means: DOCK DIVING! Be sure to check out our weekly diving schedule at:  floridawestcoastairdogs.com

For professional service, call us today!

We understand that your pets are more than just pets; they’re family. All of us know how hard it is to leave your special-needs pet in the hands of others. Administering medication is something we know how to do (including shots) and we all pay special attention to pets that might require an unexpected medical consultation. That’s what we’d want for our own pets, and we know how important peace of mind is for owners.

Since taking this Christmas picture a few years ago, Barb Lentz-Gattignolo, DogStar’s Training Director, has added a few more plates to her table!

Why Choose Us?

All members of our team have been involved in pet care, training, and competitive dog sports for many, many years. We work at DogStars because we love animals. All of us own pets, including dogs of many different breeds, many of which are rescues and mixed breeds. Most of us also own (or are owned) by cats. Some of us own horses, and one travelled the country with her dog act in a circus. We all have  our own areas of specialization, but together we have more than a century of caring for the animals in our lives. When you choose DogStars, you are choosing people who will care for your pet with the same attention they give their own four-legged companions.



  • Onsite 24/7 Management
  • Experienced, Professional Staff
  • Insured & Background Checked
  • Award-Winning Grooming for Dogs & Cats
  • Air-Conditioned Indoor/Outdoor Kennel Runs
  • Special Building just for Small Dogs (under 20 lbs)
  • “Suites” for families with more than one dog
  • Hurricane shelter approved
  • Dog Sports Galore: Obedience, Agility, Dock Diving, Disc Dogs
  • Doggie Fun & Fitness
  • Special Menus for Special Pets
  • Discounts for Long-Term Boarders
  • Discounts for Seniors & Active-Duty Military Personnel

Meet Our Team

We are a small team of dedicated animal lovers. We overlap in many areas because we all share many skills, but we all have our specific areas of expertise, and we hope you will get to know all of us.

Anna Calabrese

Manager & Award-Winning All-Breed Dog Groomer

Anna Calabrese has been grooming her own dogs most of her life, earning her NDGAA Sporting certification on her own Cocker Spaniel, Starr, at the age of 14.

Anna has been competitively grooming since 2008, having earned multiple placements, 2 “Best Groomed Dog” awards in the intermediate division, and a Best in Show at the Atlanta Grooming Exposition.

Anna is available for pet grooming of all dogs, pure and mixed breed. She is also offering show grooming, conditioning, and handling of all AKC breeds.

Anna also conducts a conformation class in the DogStars training pavilion for people who want to show their own dog..

For more information, contact Anna at grooming_dogstars@hotmail.com

Barb Lentz-Gattignolo

Director of Training / Instructor / Co-Owner of Florida West Coast Air Dogs

Barb has been a dog trainer for more than 40 years (including those deemed 'untrainable') and has experience with many different breeds. She began her canine competition career in 1996 and has titled multiple dogs in obedience, agility, lure coursing, and dock diving. She also trained three performing acts for circuses (1975-1993) and her dogs have been featured in commercials, calendars, and magazines.

She and her husband, John Gattignolo, own an affiliate club of Ultimate Air Dogs. Their club, Florida West Coast Air Dogs, features a competition dock diving pool and all the training that goes with it.

For more information, contact Barb at bcwoof1@verizon.net or
visit floridawestcoastairdogs.com

Angie Schuhmann

Obedience Instructor

Obedience I & II Class Instructor / Attention Class Instructor / Intermediate class instructor / Novice/Open Class Instructor / Rally Novice /Advanced Instructor / Experience in dog training since 1992 / Earned conformation and obedience titles in AKC, ASCA, WWKC & CKC on her own dogs including HIT / Earned CGC on her own dogs / Currently training in Obedience, agility, Flyball, Tracking and Dock Diving / Former member of Sarasota Search & Rescue Team / Angie has been to numerous seminars with some of the top trainers in the country over the last 20 years. She has taken private lessons from those top trainers when lessons were offered. She believes in building a great working relationship with lots of play, treats and tricks.

For more information, contact Angie at aussiedog1137@yahoo.com

John Gattigliano

Field Operations Manager / Co-Owner of Florida West Coast Air Dogs

John is a military veteran serving four years in the United States Air Force from 1962 to 1966. In 1994 he moved to Tampa, Fl. and accepted the position of Maintenance Director for the American Retirement Corporation. In 2004 he went to work for Grow Financial Federal Credit Union as a Maintenance Supervisor where he retired in 2014.
It is with this diverse background of technical experience and people skills that John was able to build one of the best dock diving training facilities in the US. John also maintains the buildings, grounds and equipment at Dog Stars where Florida West Coast Air Dogs is located.

Bonnie Scott


• Obedience and Agility Instructor for 10 years.
• Involved in Obedience and Agility training since 1997 and attended a number of seminars and classes over the years, including those presented by Wendy Pape, Karen Holik, Marcus Topps and Daniel McDonald.
• Member - Australian Shepherd Club of American (ASCA)
• Member Florida Australian Shepherd Association (FASA).
• Earned Agility Championships on her own Australian Shepherd, Blue in three Venues - MACH 2 (AKC), NATCH (NADAC) and ATCH (ASCA). Was the Triple Superior Winner and 1000 Lifetime Points winner in NADAC. Qualified for the ASCA National Agility Finals in 2004 and 2005 and the AKC National Agility Championships in 2004, 2005 and 2006. And, earned an obedience UD in AKC and a CDX in ASCA with Blue.
• Earned the AKC MX and MXJ and the Excellent Agility Championship (UACHX) in UKC and obedience CDX's with her Aussie, Si, in AKC and ASCA. Si was named the #1 Merit Open Gamble Dog in ASCA in 2005.
• Currently Training and competing in AKC Agility with her Aussie, Sunny AX & AXJ and her All American, Tipper MX & MXJ.
• Member Sarasota Obedience Training Club - Trial Committee Member – Board Member of Tampa Bay Agility Club

For more information, contact Bonnie at ascott49@tampabay.rr.com

Our Service Area

We are conveniently located in a residential area of Bradenton (think State Road 70 and Lockwood Ridge Road), just a short drive from downtown Sarasota or Lakewood Ranch. Our animal friends (and their owners) come to us from all areas of Florida’s west coast because we offer services that simply are not available at other kennels.

Caught in the Act!

If you have a picture of your dog, cat, or other pet getting caught in the act, please share! It will make all of us feel so much better: dog_stars@yahoo.com

This is Suzie, our beloved whippet who will live forever in our hearts and in this picture. Apparently, there was just something not right with her new (very expensive) bed. Clearly, she made it sooo much better and felt absolutely no guilt. Hey, at least she “owned” it! – Joyce St. Giermaine